What does a Cloud Provider need to be a FINRA D3P?

FINRA and 17a-4 Cloud Storage: I’ve notice there’s lots of talk these days about 17a-4 and choosing a cloud provider. Specifically, the problem surrounding the Designated Third-Party Provider or the 17a-4 D3P. For example, a FINRA firm such as a

https://www.advisorvault.org/finra-d3p/ AdvisorVault’s Consolidated 17a-4 D3P Service Unique to Small FINRA Firms

Choosing a vendor that offers a consolidated FINRA designated third party (D3P) service is one of the best ways for small FINRA firms to simplify and keep the cost of achieving compliance with rule 17a-4 low as possible.

https://www.advisorvault.org/consolidated-d3p/ AdvisorVault Revolutionizes 17a-4 Archiving for Small FINRA firms

FINRA firms Now Using AdvisorVault for 17a-4 Cloud Compliance: AdvisorVault’s new features are a game changer for small FINRA firms who want to use the cloud but are worried about 17a-4. With our unique consolidated