AdvisorVault Adds Full Protection for Cloud Email

Now that firms are moving their email service to the cloud, which is a great thing for FINRA compliance since archiving cloud data is a breeze, its important that firms add full email backups  to meet 17a-4. Even if you’re using Office 365 or Gmail you are not fully protected.

What does this mean? It means simply that cloud providers are not fully 17a-4 compliant, even worse: if you delete your contacts, calendar or inbox – its gone, you can’t call Microsoft or anyone at Google to get it back.

By adding AdvisorVault’s cloud application to Office 365 and Gmail, firms get full protection, including:

  1. Automatic archiving with retention of cloud emails for 7 yrs.
  2. Full access to archived emails for audits and ongoing 17a-4 compliance supervision
  3. Complete backup of email accounts including the Outlook folder structure, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes,
  4. Immediate retrieval of emails during the electronic records request in a format required by auditors.
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